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9th July 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hi. I have question about the ingame hardpoints on the ships. They don't seem to originate from the same locations as the hardpionts i assinged for the ships using D'deridex sfc3 hp editor.

I am playing the Dom wars Mod 4.6 and am not happy obout the arcs, so to eaze the arc changing I relocated the hardpoints clockwise like this: Fed-Battlecruiser Nebula PrimaryHP:1:0_60:2:30_90:3:90_120:4:120_180:5:180_240:6:240_300:7:270_330:8:300_360 HeavyHP:12:330_30:13:330_30:14:150_210:15:150_210

But now when I fire a weapon ingame the shot seem to originate from a difirant location on the ship. for instance when I fire HP8 whitch is on the left fromt it comes from the aft right whitch I asinged to HP4.

Please help.