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#1 13 years ago

hi everyone, I'm having problem along with most of you out there regarding the exception error trouble, anyways, I've followed the directions several times, uninstall, install, patch, but I always get stuck in one place and that is when you have to do the "Run this program in compatability mode for" I can't seemed to get that option when I right click and go to properties. I've tried with the shortcut and with the sfc3.exe same thing I just can't seemed to get the option. am I doing something wrong? It seems to some people the games work okay with that last tweak, so I'm desperately seeking the forums but I can't seemed to find someone withe same problems as me.

system I have: 1. p4-3.0 2. 2gb mem 3. directx 9.0c 4. nvidia 6600 5. 534 B patch 6. win xp corp SP2

any and all resolutions will be greatly appreciated.