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#1 15 years ago

Hello, I downloaded Unity v5 and all 3 patches. After installing them I tried to play the Singleplayer Unity Federation campaign. Every time I get the Message "unknown error while trying to connect" and the game stops. I don#t know if the other races funktion. Can somebody help me to get the federation campaign run?


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#2 15 years ago

[color=blue]You hav two choices, as the game is set up to load the federation campaign in a norway. And the Norway is not included in Unity 5. So, either create a custom configuration in-game of a ship, and call it Norway, or open your /metaassets/severprofiles/singleplayer folder, find the file called Character.GF, and open this with a text program. Scroll down untill you find the following lines: // Starting ships for players (sorted by RACE) [StartingShips/0] 0 = "Norway" 1 = "K'Vort" 2 = "Falcon" 3 = "Diamond" And replace were it says Norway with the name of one of the ships in the mod.[/color]