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#1 14 years ago

Hello community, this might be a n00b question so bear with me. I just recently got hold of SFC 3 and I quite like this game much. But one problem is boggering me: In the ship refit screen (and in the vessel library) I can only watch the hardpoints of the different objects but I´ve seen screenshots where you see your ship in different angles. Were those manually edited or is there a way to switch the view? Would love to see my ship from other angles too, as you can see it in game from above only (sadly, some free toggable camera view like in Armada 2 would rock). Thx in advance


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#2 14 years ago

In the Vessel Library there are two views: VL (Vessel Library) and BS (Beauty Shot [this shot is located in the top right]). The in-battle Targeting Interface uses the TI view. You can view your ship (free toggable) either in-battle (by using F1-F4) or by viewing the model using the Model Viewer, here.