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#1 8 years ago

Hello Everybody, i got problems with ST:SC3 and i need help -.-'' I install the program and the crack Works fine.._ When i start the game and press Compain then Federation and then i press at Start Compain.. It Frezzes when it uploads to the Compain... and i cant even go to the Front Page, not even shut down the computer -.-'' i need to plugout the cable.. Jesus this makes me so mad -.-'' I really need this help so if someone is out there plz help me! :bawl::bawl:

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#2 8 years ago

Hmmm. I'm going to give you a pass and presume English is a second language, however, I got the gist of your problem. The reason your game is locking up in the load section for the campaign is because one of the Assets or MetaAssets files has been modified incorrectly. If you are modding, go back and check the last thing you did. Sometimes it is as simple as having a space or misspelled word that can cause this to happen. If you have not modded the game and you are attempting to play an "out-of-the-box" edition, it could be that you have prefetch files on the game that the current install is attempting to read, causing a "loop" with the game which will lock up Windows and SFC III requiring a reboot of your system.

Unistall your game as follows:

Unistall SFC III using the unistall feature with the game. Once done, go to your C:\programs. Look for a folder named "Activision", open the folder. If all you have in this folder is "SFC3", delete the entire Activision folder from your Programs folder. If you have other programs, just delete the "SFC3" folder. Do a search on your computer for "SFC3 Prefetch". Delete all folders/files related - careful not to delete any folder/file marked as "sfc" (without the "3") as this is part of your Windows operating system. Do a defrag and disk clean up. Reinstall SFCIII. Install this build: http://starfleetcommand3.filefront.c...anguages;28800 Play the game. Note: The patch already includes Direct X 9.0c. If you have a recent version of Direct X installed, the game will continually attempt to read from the newer version bypassing the 9.0c and will cause an Unhandled Exception error (as the game was never intended to work with anything higher than 9.0c). Check your system to see what version of Direct X you have on. If your system does have a newer version (including drivers) of Direct X the game will not play. You'll have to uninstall all traces of Direct X off of your system and allow 9.0c to be installed via the patch on to your system. Also, DO NOT install Game Spy it messes with SFC III also and can cause game crash. [COLOR=Magenta]2nd Edit...Independent uninstall programs don't always catch everything. Make sure the Activision and prefetch files are completely removed. If there was a glitch in these files it will read from here ignoring the fresh install.[/COLOR]