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28th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

ok, so it's like this. I go to this school, rite? well dring math class there's a magical pie that's hidden in the closet. it talkes to me and sez I ave to conquer teh world! but the holy flying cows say that peanuts can fly at the speed of light if they're launched right. but the peanuts really can't fly by the speed of light cuz most of the time the eliphants eat them and then the eliphants make strange noises with their noses and such. this proves my theory that penguins are indeed an alien race of evil spanish gym-teachers. I believe they're from mars but they went to earth cuz they flushed all the water on mars when the supreme toilet was clugged. then they conquerd the south pole and enslaved the polar bears for their own sick purposes. I think it's being kept a secret by the US government cuz it's really all a conspiracy by teh government! they made teh alien penguins and they're planning to invade liechtenstein with an advanced army of geneticly enhanced penguins and hamsters with typewriters!!! if I'm right, the battle for liechtenstein will decide the fate of the entire planet and there will be a full scale nuclear war between australia and monaco in the years that follow. but then I will conquer america with my army of flying monkeys. all shall tremble at the sound of the... sound that monkeys make:p. then I'll launch ALL of the USA's nuclear missiles but I'll arm them with pie. and they'll be pies of mass destruction! ALL TEH WORLD WILL BE DROWNED IN APPLE AND STRAWBERRY PIES!!! I AM YOUR RULER!! YOU WILL ALL BOWN DOWN TO ME!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

*runs into the forest singing hats for clowns* hats for clowns... lalalalalalala hats for clowns lalalalalalalala :)

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2nd April 2003

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#2 17 years ago

[color=red]you are the master, jp.[/color]