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#1 14 years ago

Hey all- I've searched the forums about this level, and have seen various suggestions, none of which worked for me. I've tried re-installing, using/not using mod packs (I am running the Mega Mod and it's awesome), and am not going to mess with DirectX versions. Also using the latest patch. Still, I can't pass the mission. I follow the pointer to where it says we're in orbit, and try hitting 'transport'. Nothing. I go to the actual planet, orbit at zero speed at a range of 3, and can't transport. So, here's my request- Is anyone willing to send me a saved game campaign file with this mission completed? This is the only way I can think of to pass this stupid mission. I can't find any 'skip mission' or equivalent cheats. So if anyone's willing and able, please, oh please, send me a campaign with this mission done. I'm begging you!


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#2 14 years ago

If we are talking about the same mission, you have to scan the objects (defensive platforms and space station) without being detected and within range of about 5-10. Once this is done you orbit the planet and beam in an incursion team, then extract when she says the charges or whatever, have been laid and then warp out of the system when the Romulan Commander orders you to stand to. There should be prompting by your ops officer and the arrow should change once you have scanned each object. If you raise shields or get to close to an enemy ship you will be detected and have failed your mission.