Weird conquest problem after patch -1 reply

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8th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ok, for the fun of it I decided to install the game again since I was really bored. I installed both patchs in order. I have addons installed, tho I have changed some of the feds ship items in the commonsettings folder. The problems: When I play conquest as the feds and go to the top where the borg are supposed to be, I'll come across the surprise attack mission where a borg fleet was detected and perparing to invade. However, once I start the mission, there are no borg but instead pirate ships. I had the same thing happen to me while in Romulan space, it was supposed to be a fleet of Romulans but instead I got pirate ships. To make things worse, they just sat there! They didnt more or fire at me.....