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7th May 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Hello Everybody

This is just a update on Area 55, well I have been working on all the details in the map. I am done with the bunkers, and I am now working on the lab. I am planning to do two semi-big changes to the map, one is what Codey suggested to do, that is to lower the beach area where the axis can't see then at there base. The second change is I am going to cut out two of rooms in the lab, because I got three of the rooms done and I get around 20fps in there. I added a road and the tunnel entrance in the back of my map.

A question, if I lower the beach area down where the axis can't see them, at ground level will it improve my fps? And I would put in a hint brush all the way down the beach area right?




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17th May 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Hi, Yeah I beleive if you put the hint brush level with the rest of the terrain jutting out across the top of the beach area, it should split that area off in the vis.

Glad to see the map is coming along nicely. Let me know if you want some more testing and hopefully you'll get to return the favour very soon.

:cya: back

:) Codey