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16th May 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hi to all Wolfyv0.2 staff!

I am writting this to keep you all up to date on progress here at Wolfyv0.2 and to also let you know about this great new Forum we have provided by and :rock:

Ok, this particular section of the Forum is for staff members to post in. It gives us a way of communicating with no hassle. Ok, we've got mail and Icq but this adds to a very good method - plus you can use smiles! :D

All the rest of the Forum is for the Wolfy visitors and public to post in.

Ok, in regards to the site and updates. As you may have seen we still have a few positions open, especially as one member left recently. In addition I am still on the look out for a Mapper or two and three of four news posters. So if you know of anyone please let me know or pass their details on.:deal:

I have managed to find an additional Site administrator and news poster. I would like you all to welcome 'Theorist' on board. He will be acting as second in command to all site issues, especially in my absence. I hope you all welcome him. He can be contacted on the following:

e-mail : [email][/email]

icq#: 159553278

Officially he will be starting with me around the 25th of May.

The reason I felt that I need support is that my Mapping has become a low priortiy, what with the site, promotion and trying to expand (aswell as life in general). :rolleyes:

Talking of expanding, you may have noticed the 'rtcw news' section of the site. I will soon be launching this. Basically it will be for general Rtcw news, interviews, reviews and links. a sort of mini on the Wolfy site and managed by 'Theorist' and myself. With a hell of a lot of input from the news posters (..more so when we hire a few!?).

Anyway - If anyone need to let me know of any updates please feel free to Icq me or drop me a mail at the usual address.

I hope you like the way Wolfyv0.2 is going and I value your feedback, I also hope you like the Forum and will use it as much as possible (certainly more than the last one!). :cya:

Thanks for your time, bye!



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#2 17 years ago

Just wanted to say HI and let you guys know that if you need anything at all, do not hesitate to ask. I am here to help make your site a success, so I will do anything I can to make sure this happens.

Also, apparently I am now a moderator for your forum as well as the rest of them, so whatever this mean, I'm doing it! :dropsjar:

Good Luck Guys!