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19th June 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Just post em here as you find them. I will start. The wall walk can be repeated, and dirrected downwards now, and works as good as float on many levels). The medium special (forward tap jump and swipe) can be hella spun without tinkering (cheating) with yaw. The light uppercut is powered up. And last, but my new favorite, if you side flip low and near someone without moving your saber it carves a big circle in them for a fair amount of damage. I have found some other things, but they are just too evil to share.

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#2 17 years ago


Yo dudes and dudettes...I am a HUGE fan,..anyway..I have been trying to get the doulble-ended lightsaber but to avail i cant...anway..tell me what to do