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25th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

While playing JK2 yesterday, I've noticed some stuff. All in Singleplayer.

1) This one I've mentioned before. You need to turn on dismemberment to see this. Sometimes, when you dismember a character, and the head falls off, the character would sometimes have two heads. One would fall off, and another would still stay on the body. I'm not exactly sure how to produce it, but this usually happen when you slice a character vertically down.

Just yesterday, I have noticed a similar thing might affect other body parts as well. I was duelling this shadowtrooper, I slice his body in half. Strangely, that half was still connected to his body (headless, however.), and the same half was also lying a short distance away. Like the two heads, the shadowtrooper now had two half-bodies!

2) Shadowtrooper's Force crystals

Probably not useful, but interesting anyway. When you kill a shadowtrooper, he would drop a Force crystal, right? Now, use the Tenloss Disruptor Rifle (the '4' key.), and fire at the corpse of that shadowtrooper at maximum (which would disintegrate the shadowtrooper.)

Now, notice something flying out? Yup, that's an extra Force crystal, also from the same dead shadowtrooper. Not really useful, like I've said, but interesting...