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#1 16 years ago

JK2 Version 1.03 bugs (some useful): Heres a bug that can be useful when jumping from a high place. Go some place like BattleGround Jedi, or the launch pad on FFA Bespin. Jump high, when you reach the peak of your jump (start coming down) do a blue special, except don't let go of crouch & forward. As long as you hold crouch & forward you should skip your way down to the bottom without being harmed.

Heres a weird looking bug. Go on to somone elses server (I can't seem to make this work as a host, but I could if I was on someone elses server). Bind a key to a certain model, then bind another key to a model. EXAMPLE: Type... bind O "model swamptrooper/default" bind i "model ben/default" Once these 2 are bound press both of them at the same time, or try tapping between them (like ioioioioio real fast). The end result should be your model all spread out. If you die, then try this (as long as your corpse is still there) you should be able to make it look like you came back to life. If you walk while doing this, you float around everywhere you go until you stop running. This bug is just for looks, it doesn't do anything helpful.

I have also seen people do I really high & long jump from one end of ffa_yavin to the other. Not quite sure how that person did it, but that bug is also out there.