Another experiment... treatment of female players in the JK2 community -1 reply

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Mr. Matt Advanced Member


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17th June 2002

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#11 17 years ago

I have to give a whole-hearted LMFAO to that comic strip... sad thing is, its true, albeit to a slightly lower extreme. The main point was to ensure that no people who are important to gameplay, like the admin, had that or a worse view.

And Chris, apart from the fact that, like I said, we aren't going to give out anyone's name, the fact that clan tags had been removed lowered their expectations slightly, and they were dealth with, um... harshly. There were 'reinforcements' at close hand so we could have a few viewpoints, but they weren't needed :). I find that people who have to play to such unfair degrees really, really, aren't any good... and in that instance I was proved right.


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20th June 2003

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#12 17 years ago

LMAO that comic IS hilarious!!!


T3h S17hy

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15th December 2002

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#13 17 years ago

i had no doubts that girls got treated different. i dont see why they would. i mean, in our clan we had just got a new member (a girl). she was one of the best players ever! she killed me n every duel, shot me every gun battle. it really pissed me off because she was saying shit like "love tap" when she would saber me. so some women are actually very good and shouldnt be treated differently!

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