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27th July 2002

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#1 19 years ago

Ok......... i really want to know if anyone else is having this problem..... Whenever a server cycles to a new map...... the game freezes at the "Awaiting Snapshot" screen. This is VERy annoying, cuz i then have to restart my entire system cuz the wonderful people at Lucasarts decided to disable the ability to quit the program by using CTRL ALT DEL if ANYONE is experiencing this problem or knows how to fix it plz post a reply.

thx, MJ


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23rd July 2002

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#2 19 years ago

Just a thought, to make it speed up you could try and make sure your levelshots folder is empty, moved some shots to another folder temp, untill you can find out if that's the prob. that way it doesn't have to write to disk and organize the file numbers, this uses more memory and because it does sometimes computers do bad things, like freeze or crash.

More memory available , happier everyone is.


Also what version are you using? 1.4? or the default? since i installed 1.4 my MP has frozen me out, sp is all i can play, and I am a sp kinda guy so i haven't bothered with reinsatll yet.

Oh wait i seem to recall that the server will upload files for skins you may not have and this may be the culprit. like i said i'm a sp kinda guy.