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25th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

i just read the piece of news posted by pro filer about how all comments have now been disabled. Although i can see the need for some people to be taught a lesson (im hoping this is just a short term thing to show us that they doln't care if we dont comment) i don't think being banning everyone's comments for an 'undefined period' is a bit harsh on those who use the comments section responsibly.

personally, i love the comments section. before i download anything i always go through and read all the comments, just to see what everyone has to say about it. the file's rating score counts for next to nothing thatnks to all the fools out there who think it is fun to give every file a one, REGARDLESS of its quality. prime example of this is the indiana jones model. i was online when it got added. after about 1 minute, 0 downloads, file rating of 1.

i can see pro filer's position and if you look at all the facts it does seem like the only solution (yes i know im contradicting what ive already said). at the moment i didn't think the current comments situation was all that bad. but i haven't looked at everything so there is a high chance i am mistaken. i think what may have been better than a total ban is putting up with the current situation until they got the new system up and running that profiler was talking about in one of his news items ' Easy Banning: With the new behind-the-scenes additions to the comments / member database it will be 99 times easier for a upper staff member to ban a user, to set a 24 hour ban, a 30 day ban, etc.'

i haven't said everything i wanted to here. mainly coz im not entirely what it is i want to say. but pro filer and all the other admins do a top notch job keeping this site going as good as it does. instead of people bagging them out, i think everyone should take a moment and ask themselves if they could find the energy to put in the time to keep this site running, for what i imagine, is little or no reward.

top job, pity people can't be thankful for your efforts.


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24th August 2002

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#2 15 years ago

From what i have heard, the comment section will be back as soon as new features are added. when that is i dunno. so its not all about the n00bish morons that they took the comments down...