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9th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Hi, im Spectrum, the original creator of Dimside MOD and OmniMOD. Dimside mod was created as a controllable version of OmniMOD so that it could be prevented from running anywhere but worrsonn's servers. It includes only the features of omnimod and some hacks worrsonn asked me to put into it. As a matter of fact, ill tell you what worr's little backdoor is. Theres a command called ampass and an admin level 3 access level in it that makes you immune to all admin. ampass gives you the normal passwords. The level 3 access password is kristin.

Besides in the end, Dimside MOD does not work, as this is only the clientside, and there is no longer any working version of the serverside

P.S. OmniMOD is clean, but I decided to have it removed because I am backing out of the community.

[Edit by Astyanax-- Worr Sonn has agreed to allow this password posted.]