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21st May 2003

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#1 15 years ago


I know there's a way of doing the following, as I've seen it done before. There's some server side commands that can disable piles of specific things. Like disable only bacta, or a certain type of ammo. I'll looking for the commands that do such. If there's any help page or list someone could point me to for this type of command or if you just know them, it would be appreciated. Heh, plus I'm sure others would like to know these commands, they can come in handy.

(To be more specific about why I'm looking for this, is that my clan's switched to JA Mod 1.3 - Because we have some force but very little, force enlightenment and such can be picked up, which I'd much rather stop. Plus I'd like to enable weapons so terminator will work, as terminator now doesn't work with weapons enabled. I plan to enable only shield, sentry, and drone, and use these individual server side disable commands to take them off, and I'm thinking that'll make the mod think there's weapons on, allowing terminator at will without public access to guns laying around.)