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23rd July 2002

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#1 17 years ago

hi fellas! i was wondering ...:rolleyes:

1) if the authors of some MODs (like that one wich allows us to use twosabers and the D.maul's saber) could make a MOD that changes ALL the saber moves if the player uses D.maul's saber ... cuz sometimes the regular moves make the second blade pass through the player's belly....(like killing himself you know...?)

2) and maybe change the istance too...D.maul's saber hilt is big so he could grab it with two hands....i could make it in a sheet of paper and send to whoever is intersted in making it so as to have an idea of what i'm talking about.

3) when i use the D.Maul's hilt, the light still rises from the same place it should rise if i used the regular saber...can you guys figure what i mean...?it's wierd cuz when kyle handles it, the part where the light rises in the hilt is a little higher, but the light doesn't rise form this higher part.... :uhm:

4) oh yeah....why can't any good mod creator make an MOD like this(two/dualsaber) for single player? would be funn!

5) and uh....:rolleyes: (this one is for the maps creators) i know you make whatever you guys want but...could you guys make more SP maps? or just make a SP version of the ones already done?. i could give some ideas...:agreed: i mean....MP maps are so cool, when your conecction is good...mine is poor. and i guess many other people is all that is left is SP mode....

wow....i'm done for now. :lol: thanks guys !