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17th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

I dont think many of you realize the secret to episode III but it became apparent to me when watching episode II and I heard at the end, the Imperial march, which was then drowned out by the march of the Republic when it panned over the Chancellor and the senators, then the music playing the Republic's music joined in with the Imperial March. to me that explained everything,

The Sith, meaning Sidious, control the Senate, Sidious IS Palpatine, that would explain the Emperor's strength in the force, He had his pawn Dooku start a Confederacy of Independent Systems AS A DISTRACTION, with their army, the Senate was forced to give Palpatine EMERGENCY POWERS, so when the Clone Wars was done, and Dooku killed by Anakin, Sidious/Palpatine had FULL CONTROL OF THE SENATE, he used his influence to give himself full unquestioned power, so people began calling it the Galactic Empire instead of the Galactic Republic. He then revealed himself as Sith and disbanded the Senate and began invading systems and if he grew too old or weak, he would have himself cloned, the constant cloning and embracing of the Dark Side resulted in his facial disfigurement. If they do anything different than that in Episode III, then they are dumbasses, no offense, I bet they'll do something awesome.