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9th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

I was playing on a duel server the other night and the people fighting as I was spectating were pulling off sweet moves. None I had ever seen before. As a matter of fact when they bowed to each other one of them made their lightsaber hilt levetate over their palm in a 360 degree motion(Just as Desann does in single player when you first fight him). Anyway everything looked sweet. I asked people on the server how they did it and I pretty much got laughed at and called a newb. Well a newb I am but everyone was a newb to begin can anyone teach a newb a new trick. I want to be as cool as everyone else.....thanks


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19th June 2002

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#2 17 years ago

wanting to be cool is why you yoda might say.

the 360 degree saber thing is a taunt. I will not type out all of the instructions you need to nolonger be a noob. not because i am an ass, but because i have already done it about 19 times. look around in this, and other forums. eveything you need to know is out there.

before you get in my face for not really helping, understand that if i begin to tell you half of what you want to know it will only lead to you wanting to know more than i am willing to tell you. once i explain the console to you so you can see the taunt, then i am going to have to explain binds to you, and before you know it i'v got another padawan on my hands... just go and read for a few hours. run a search for "jedi outcast console commands and binds", or just "jk2 multiplayer stratagy"

sorry if you dont think this is what you asked for, but it is a hell of alot better then most people would give you. good luck

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8th May 2002

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#3 17 years ago

Here is part of the Jedi Mod FAQ. You have this readme in you Gamdata/Jedi Mod Folder.


FAQ: 1. How do I turn on my second saber? type /twosaber or /dualsaber in the console while your saber is off typing this again while your sabers are off will go back to the single saber. If you are hosting the server make sure mod_dualsaber is set to 1. 2. How do I turn on the dualbladed saber? type /thedestroyer or /dualblade while your saber is off to toggle the dualbladed saber if mod_dualblade is set to 2 then executing this command while you have double sabers will turn on double dual bladed sabers. 3. What commands/emotes are there in the game? /sit -sits do again the stand up /stand -stands up from sit, typing /sit a second time will do the same thing /kiss -kisses another player if both of you have your sabers off /taunt -does the spinning saber taunt /draw -does a nifty saber drawing move /nod -nods your head /shake -shakes your head /super -strike a superman pose /thumbsdown -looks like your giving something a thumbs down /looks -looks around /flip -twirls your saber /dest -looks like your typing, possibly coding. /cocky -you point at yourself /jedi -does something that was for some reason named jedi /way -shows you the way /scratch -scratch your head /dunno -hold your arms out saying you don't know /power -holds your hand up in the air /barf -barf all over /throw1 -throw your saber behind you /throw2 -throw your saber forwards /throw3 -throw your saber to the side /adjust -adjust your saber /beg -beg for mercy /kneel -kneel on the ground /punch -punches only when mod_boxing is 1 /slap -slap someone if they kiss you /sleep -lay down, you fall when your getting up cause your tired /spintaunt -do the spinning saber taunt /bounce -do a pushup thingy sortof /breakdance -breakdance /taunt 0-12 -play a taunt sound

[color=red] To bind any of these, you simply bring down the console (Shift + ~) And type the following:[/color] [color=yellow]/bind x sit[/color] "x" being the key you want to use.

Good Luck.