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19th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hey, I was wondering if it was illegal to port over the stuff from JKA into JK2.

Not story or menus, thow i'd like to try to get that charGEN setup in.

anyhow, no. I mean the effects, attacksets, textures and animations.

It's possible, I know it is. JKA isen't too far from the same base as JK2 and they're both on the Q3 Engine and I know that thing can be recompiled anyway needed. I don't even think recompiling will be needed just take the chars, attacksets, botfiles and textures along with anims and port them into jk2.

before I try, I was wanting to ask if it was legal. I think it's a good idea because those of us who did buy JK2 hardly have another $40 gfor this next one, and while JKA will still have many more features then this modification can add, I don't think JK2 should be lscrapped without a fighting chance and want to improve upon it.

Anyone with animation skills, or scripting or texturing or just real good with the Q3 sourcecode I welcome you to joni this project. If i'm right then all we really need to do is take the scripts and textures from jk3 that match those of jk2's(what I mean is... like axe the particle cannon thing, jk2 dosne't have that so it would be useless.)

even if we can't port over the models atleast the textures and fighting styles.

so there are my questions.

1. Is this legal? 2. is it Possible? 3. is it Wanted?



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13th March 2003

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#2 16 years ago

so there are my questions.

1. Is this legal? 2. is it Possible? 3. is it Wanted?[/QUOTE] 1. Personally I think you can do this, but this doesn't mean that if I say it's legit it is absolutely legit. Someone else that knows more should answer. 2. For the effects and the animations no. I've tried and they doesn't work. The effects are still the same and for the animations tFighterPilot and me have tried with no success... (an error has occurred. Different bone settings. This means that maybe the models aren't compatible for JK2...). 3. Well, I don't want it only because I'm going to buy JA, but someone else that can't or won't buy it could say you a good thank you seeing new animations, textures and effects, but as i've said you before, for the animations and the effects it's impossible...