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2nd January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hi how do i setup a JediPlus server, i am having real difficulty seting it up and it does not tell me how to do it in the faq or in the readme, so please some one know a site or if they can help me here set it up i will me very thankful. THX HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR


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10th August 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Click on the Star Wars 3 story in my signature, after the story, there's a JediPlus server config file with better descriptions than the original, it also has a variable that wasn't included in the official release, I still have to add the new commands to it yet (if any), but it is a good server config file. All you do is copy & paste that into a .cfg file (.cfg file is just like a .txt file except named differently), then place the .cfg file in your JediPlus folder, then type "exec whateveryounamedthefile.cfg". That's about it. As for getting the actual server started you go into mods in the options menu, or you can make a shortcut to the jk2mp.exe & add "+set fs_game jediplus +exec whateveryounamedthefile.cfg", this will automatically change to JediPlus & launch your .cfg file.

Hope this helps. Happy new year.