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10th August 2002

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#1 17 years ago

This is a copy off of the JKII.net forums JKII.net hasn't seen a new model since January. MotF & Duelers has been released on JK2Files.com & I don't know about Razarace, but I have certainly done all that I can to get news posted about Duelers & get the file in the files section here at JKII.net - is there a news post about either mod? Is it even in the files section? Have all the people running JKII.net just got up & gone away? I can understand people being busy & falling behind, but FFS no models since January? MotF & Duelers have been uploaded at JK2Files.com, both mods are getting a few hundred downloads, yet there are no servers for either mod online - WTF is that? JK2Files.com do not have as many limitations as JKII.net, but JKII.net recieves more traffic, so I am doing what I can to promote both mods because both are very good & yet no one is playing them. It's like winning a million dollars then throwing all out to sea - complete waste & to be honest, I am in awe about the whole thing. People keep ranting about JA & I just do not see the glitter & glory. I tried playing it earlier today & the host changed the amount of damages inflicted which I think is totally lame. I also had other issues with the mod, like I would just be pushed away from a player like kicking was on, but it was a NF server - just not smooth gameplay. Can JA... *Fix the banning problem (permit 1024 IPs to be banned instead of 18)? *Give you real tourny logic in duel mode (multi-duels, pairs up better players with better players, worse for worse)? *Tell you the other players health after a duel (top of screen, not center - thats anoying)? *Allow hilts & give you the best hilt pack around (including 5 reverse grip hilts with proper reversed saber)? *Allow you to only see & hear your opponent while in a duel/private duel? *Have the additional Jedi Council force rank? *Admins commands that allow you to freeze, silence, teleport, rename, etc; etc. by either player name, player number, or by having them in your sights? *Provide smooth gameplay FFS I don't mean to rude, the JA coder is a nice guy & I don't mean to down his mod, all I am saying is there are alot of features we provide that NO ONE ELSE does & I'm furious. I work on the Duelers full project like it's my job & no one in the community even takes the time to really check basic out. It just makes doing the work so disheartening & I know Razorace puts in a bit of time with MotF as well. I think if we can get a news post about it on JKII.net, that would help out with the lack of servers for both mods. I don't know about MotF, but Duelers is hosted at JK2Files.com because I couldn't even get a response back from the JKII.net staff. What do we have to do to get news & files posted about our work?

I am posting this here to show everyone how I feel about the whole thing. I bust my behind & hear all these good things about Duelers & blah blah blah, but there are no servers & no ones playing.

3 servers online is what I see, 2 of which password protected. if you really appreciate Duelers or MotF, get some servers online for it if you can then please.