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8th January 2003

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#11 17 years ago

I agree, however finding a GOOD sever is going to be difficult. Thanks for the suggestion.

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10th December 2003

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#12 17 years ago

/amkick jediranger3 stop whining

heh heh only joking

u are welcome to come to the Ai server anytime


its a 20slot hosted server = lag free zone :D

and yeah we get lots of lamers in there - but i like hunting them till they disconnect >: D


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#13 16 years ago

The only time i kicked anyone of my server is when i accidentally hit the \clientkick 1 or 2, and the usually end up recon, anyway..

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8th December 2004

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#14 16 years ago

You guys sould learn to LAN There if someone kicks you you just stand up from your chair and kick the [email="$#%@$"]$#%@$[/email] back

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29th November 2003

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#15 16 years ago

Please do not revive old threads.


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