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Some n00b that binds specials

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10th August 2002

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#51 14 years ago

I'd have to be back on staff before that happens. I've thought about it but I'm just not on enough to be staff. If I start coming on more, I'll talk to n0e about it.


I'm too cool to Post

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26th June 2005

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#52 14 years ago

Yes, also, having other keys bound takes no talent either. Think of it. You just have to press T to use force Push while some other poor bastard has to scroll down to Push and then press F. I mean, there's no challenge at all! If you don't use the default keys you're cheating!


I didn't make it!

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#53 13 years ago

Actually Liume, to not be able to scroll down is not cheating. You can set the controls in your menue. Though macroing multiple moves at once, is a little cheap.