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10th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

My Apologies, There is Nothing Wrong with 1.3 Damage Settings

First of all I would like to publically apologize to Lee Oattes for some most unprofessional behavior on my part. I have edited (or removed) a lot of posts that I have made in the Duelers forums regarding public display of communications problems that I have been having with Lee.

I would also like to clarify that there is nothing wrong with the damage settings in Duelers 1.3. After some testing with Chosen One (JA coder) we have found that the damage settings are correct in Duelers 1.3.

This testing did extend out to the base game where I found some rather baffling read outs with the damage settings with blue lunge. 5 days ago I have tested out blue lunge a few times on a DarkSide server & the damage read out was 30. The other day I had done a read out on another (or possibly the same) DarkSide server & the setting was 60. I then went to test out the same setting on a variety of other basejk servers & the readout was 30 most of the time but occasionally 60.

There are some servers that run server-side only mods out of the base folder (lame) but they are usually easy to spot out. I of course, did check the fs_game & g_saberdamagescale CVars (no way to check g_saberdamagescale without RCon, but there are the standard swings, which were normal).

At this point, I think there is probably a 30 HP difference varying upon distance with lunge, otherwise why would there be a different setting with some base servers but not all.

I would like everyone to do some testing of their own & get back to me with whatever information they can find that they may believe is useful. Like I said, do not test this on just 1 server, test it on a variety of servers & let me know what you can find.

Again, I apologize to Lee for my immature & more importantly, unprofessional behavior & I want to thank everyone for their time.