Name off the Best Mods for Jk2 -1 reply

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Twisted God

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7th April 2004

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#21 16 years ago

I really like Forcemod. Especially using Mercs. I cant wait for V3 though. Instagib is fun too.



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23rd May 2003

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#22 16 years ago

Jediplus 4.3 was the best hands down, it was a very stable mod with some admin addons but not nearly the garbage added for admins that Jedi Academy mod added. I've tried Promod and quite frankly in my opinion it sucks because it is completely one-sided. Vulcanus has the same problem as Jedi Academy.

The only other two mods I liked was forcemod and Omni mod (it was okay but jediplus version 6 wasn't as good as jediplus 4.3)


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28th November 2002

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#23 16 years ago

:agreed thats a good one