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27th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Have mercy, I just started playing yesterday ! ) ...and I have some questions...

Which Maul skin is considered to be the most popular one? I'm asking since I use the skin maul/default, which I like the most, and I'd be glad if there was a better chance of other players having it, too, and seeing me as Maul.

I have the Cheshire Vader model - and last night I saw a player on a server using that Vader skin but without the helmet, with just a bald head and a visible face - a la Sebastian Shaw in RotJ. I browsed the textures in the Cheshire Vader .pk3 and indeed found a great image of Vader's bare face... but how did that player make it show instead of the usual helmeted head???

When joining some servers - notably, Jolt - I see more skins on the player setup menu than other servers allow me to choose - does it mean the server has those skins, or does it simply allow me to choose the skins I have, regardless of whether they're on the server?

When I see people using non-default skins that I myself have - e.g. Vader - does the player actually use that skin, or does my game just show him as using it, for some reason? I'm asking because I saw people using e.g. the default Luke skin but screaming Jar-Jar's taunts (which I have in a Jar-Jar skin, and I assumed they only went with that skin...)

When I use a skin that someone doesn't have, what model will that person see me using? (I suspect Luke, since I saw a lot of Lukes on some servers, and they said they were using their own clan skins...?)

Do the "pure" servers work like e.g. MOHAAS "pure" (the stupid way - only the default .pk3 files are allowed in the base\ directory), or like the "pure" function should work (the size and CRC of the client's .pk3 files is checked against the default values stored by the server)


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3rd February 2003

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#2 17 years ago

all very exellent questions.

its much easier to answer you in real time, so drop me a line:

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have fun, and dont let the hostile players get to you!