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30th November 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Ok, do you have to have the 1.03 patch already installed before putting the 1.04 patch or can you just directly put the 1.04 patch in???

1. As far as mods go can you activate/deactivate them if so how? or do you have to load them all the time from the options menu? 2. I am totally confused about the jedi plus 4.3 mod and the omni mod do you need both of them or just one??

Sorry for the newbie questions but just trying to figure some things out. :uhoh:


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10th August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

As for the patch, its possible there is 2 different kinds of patches, 1 for updating 1.03, the other for updating all versions. I think its just all versions, but when you go to install it it should tell you either way.

As far as the mod questions go, when you join someone elses server it loads them automatically (if you have them), if you don't have them it may download them via JK2 (which I do not recommend as it lags the game down for everyone playing & it takes allot longer than just downloading it from a web site) or it will tell you whichever file was not found.

For server-side enabling disabling of mods & setting up JediPlus checkout

JediPlus & OmniMod are 2 different mods, both from the same coder & have a variety of same features, but JediPlus has more bugs than OmniMod, but JediPlus has some features that OmniMod doesn't have & vice versa. Most people go with JediPlus, but OmniMod has fewer bugs in it.