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5th September 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Can you help me understand the rcon for jk2 i know i set the password as im using jedi runner and i join my own game and type rcon BUT i would like to know what commands can i use..i figured out the kick :D hehe but from there i cant figure anything else out...i'd like to be able to change game type settings restart change forceregentime and so on....can anyone help me


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#2 16 years ago

I really dont feel like editing this, so....

Here's some for q3 (most should apply for jk2 as well):

Q3 Admin Server Commands http://www.barrysworld.com/guides/quake3/ Any problems Contact SAS - [email]SAS@barrysworld.com[/email] -------------------------------------------------------------

/rconPassword (I.e./rconPassword bwffaserver) This will then give you access to the admin commands on the server.

*NOTE: If you do not place a / before every command it will not work and will instead be displayed to everyone on the server!*

/rcon = is used to change any value on the server. Examples:

Important commands (numbers are examples): *NOTE: typing /rcon and press enter will show what the server is set to already. Eg /rcon timelimit will return timelimit value.*

/rcon map q3dm7 /rcon timelimit 20 /rcon capturelimit 8 /rcon fraglimit 50 /rcon kick /rcon g_allowvote 0/1 = Turns off/on voting /rcon g_doWarmup 0/1 = Warmup time before game starts /rcon g_friendlyfire 0/1

/rcon g_needpass 0/1 = Sever password protected? /rcon g_password "clanpass" = Password for clients to join

/rcon nextmap [mapname] = sets next map to be loaded.

Other Commands -------------- sv_hostname "Server Name" - what players will see on the join server window.

sv_maxclients 14 - maximum number of players on the server.

g_motd "Welcome to the Quake3 server" - message players will see while joining the server.

g_quadfactor 4 - Quad Damage strength. 4 is normal. Default is 3.

g_gametype 0 - Sets the type of game. 0 - Free for all, 1 - Tournament, 2 - Free for all(again), 3 - Team Deathmatch, 4 - Capture the Flag

timelimit 15 - Sets the timelimit.

fraglimit 25 - Sets the fraglimit.

g_weaponrespawn 3 - Number of seconds before weapons respawn.

g_inactivity 3000 - Number of seconds before an inactive player is kicked.

g_forcerespawn 0 - Forces players to respawn. 0 is off, 1 is on.

g_teamAutoJoin 0/1 - Turns off/on auto join teams.

and here's some from a jk2 clan site:

(rcon password) means you put the rcon password I give you there.

An rcon password is used like this...

rcon (rcon password) (command)

see below for commands

To Kick people..

type in: rcon (rcon password) status

You will see a list, on the left there are numbers for each player, insert that into the next command to kick that player.

rcon (rcon password) clientkick (Player Number)

To change gametype..

Type in: rcon (rcon password) g_gametype (game number)

each of the games have a number, here they are..

0=FFA 1=Holocron 2=Jedi master 3=Duel 4=FFA with no damage 5=TFFA 7=CTF 8=CTY

Then you have to restart the server, to do this, type:

rcon (rcon password) map_restart

To change maps..

Type in: rcon (rcon password) map (mapname)

here is an example: rcon (rcon password) map ffa_bespin

it is possible to do duel on any level, as well as ffa on a ctf level.

To change kill limit..

type in: rcon (rcon password) fraglimit (number)

To change capture limit..

Type in: rcon (rcon password) capturelimit (number)

To allow/disallow voting..

Type in: rcon (rcon password) g_allowvote (1 or 0)

if you put in 1 above it allows it, and 0 disallows it.

example of disabling voting: rcon (rcon password) g_allowvote 0

To add bots..

Type in: rcon (rcon password) addbot (bot name)

ex) rcon (rcon password) addbot Desann ex) rcon (rcon password) addbot Luke


This is a good way to empty a spot on the server if you can't get on.

First startup the game to the main menu and go to console

Type in: rconaddress

Then type in: rconpassword (rcon password)

Then the command desired as if you we're on the server.. read on to see how to kick remotely...

Then type in: rcon status

Then type in: rcon clientkick (Player's ID to be kicked)