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6th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

ok, heres what i know: red special: do any swing (forward slash seems to be the easiest swing to peform this with, although not the most efficient) then, as soon as you see your left hand grab the hilt, press attack+forward+jump, he should lunge forward into dfa. yellow special: must have reticle (crosshair) on target. simply press jump+attack+forward blue special: easy, just crouch and press forward and attack, very good against red and yellow special.

learn to fake out your enemy when using these "special moves". make your attack look less obvious by wallflipping, jumping and timing. also theres the backstab wich is good with all saber styles but has different swings, just hold backpedal (backwards) and attack when someone is behind you, at least i think thats what the backstab is, doesnt much look like one to me, its just a swing or (in blue style) a thrust behind you. also theres the red around the world thingy, this can be difficult because timing is very important: do a diagonal slash,(forward+right strafe+attack) then when you see his saber go to the right corner of the screen, do a side attack, (right strafe+attack) you should just spin around in a circular swing, and if you hit jump at the same time youll do it in the air. (right strafe+jump+attack) im sure there are a few (or many) out there that i havent mentioned, but i am hoping to learn them in the future, please post something if its not on this strand, i would greatly appreciate it.


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#2 15 years ago


There are at least 3 threads on this already. Here's an extremely popular one but that one is mostly filled with conversation & not actual moves, but both are in there.

I will add 2 more manuevers (one of which being the one you just posted, I already knew it just forgot to post on it) to the Lightsaber Dueling Tactics thread, I recommend you look there.

I really need to put some video tutorials together, but haven't yet. Anyways, hope this helps. Thread closed, continue in either one of the 2 that have already been started.