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11th May 2002

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#1 15 years ago

I know it's possible to get the other saber colors by type in

/helpusobi 1 /sabercolor

but the problem with this is that the original saber color comes back after each level start and on every cut seen........

What I'm looking for is away to keep the color the same all the way through the game wthout typin the codes in everytime the level changes.....

some people have made sabers eg. lukes saber for single player which changes the saber color to green all the time which is cool, but theres a problem with this file... this file also changes the red saber trail color to green also. :rolleyes:

Is there a file or saber that changes the sabers color perminatly.? if so can you post the file link here plz......

or if a person with great know how make a file which can change the color perminantly.?

I will be greatful for everyones help in this matter :p