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#21 17 years ago

I have to say, that to some degree I agree with fallenbythewayside; one of the major attractions of the first three movies was the 'buckaneer' feel they had; that cowboy Han Solo clumsily blowing stuff up accross the galaxy, Yoda and his bizarre senile behavior, Chewie and Han's antics... then they all started speaking with bad British accents. It got a little too serious for its own good. I really wasn't expecting it to turn into stuff like 'the chosen one'... But hell, the latest two have some of the most spectacular battles I've ever seen... But then, the serious stuff makes it more like a serious film. Hence it got a lot of instant cult fans. But I love em 'all.

And WJTW, I still remember my ST heritage ;)


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24th April 2003

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#22 17 years ago

I got in2 star wars when i was in 3rd grade actually. I am in 9th now. I like it, but i am not in2 it as much as when i was little I have a life now :lol: But DF got me in2 it, at least i think so. I always wondered, after i watched 4,5,6 on tape, why they didnt have 1,2,3 in the movies. But, actually, I think the toys got me in2 it. I saw some of those little ships that came in the square boxes, and i bought the X-Wing on a 2.50 allowence, after saving for like 5 weeks, and after DF, i played the X-Wing simulator.

A Trekkie gone Warrsie? Very interesting, that is...


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7th April 2003

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#23 17 years ago

I used to be a gigantic ST and SW fan. Now I'm just a big ST fan and a so-so SW fan. This game is the only new thing that's come out lately that I've been into of SW. God, those prequels sucked. Ep II COULD have been okay, except for...DUN DUN DUHN!...Hayden Christiansan.

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16th March 2003

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#24 17 years ago
Originally posted by NiteStryker A Trekkie gone Warrsie? Very interesting, that is...

Sorta-point me in that genre of fandom. I like Star Wars, and Star Trek, and other sci-fi...