Who do YOU think erased the Kamino system from the Archives? -1 reply

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#51 16 years ago

Mr. Fett told Obi-Wan that he 'was recruited by a man named Tyrannus' A.K.A. Count Dooku's Sith name. Yet the Kamino cloners thought that Diaz had ordered the army.

Could it have been a collaberation between the two? We've all seen how the Jedi seem to dislike politicians, I wouldn't be surprised if more than just a couple of Sith decided to try and get rid of the corrupt government...

Perhaps Diaz wasn't killed sneakily? I don't remember hearing anyone say how he died, just when. He could've been killed in the line of duty.

Dooku recruited by Sideous, Diaz recruited by Dooku... it makes sense, I mean I find it hard to believe that just two Sith could tear the Republic apart, they must've had some help. I wouldn't be surprised to see more Jedi (whats left of them) turn on the Republic in the next Episode.


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#52 16 years ago

well i know he wasnt killed by maul :lol:. well i think it was syhoidias cuz hes the one who placed the order and without the sentaes or jedicouncils aprooval. plus he died and that was pretty odd in itsself