Would you be a matrix agent, or a jedi? -1 reply

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I want to be like the Admins

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24th March 2004

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#21 17 years ago

mine is Jedi....

why? simply cause Jedi enjoy what is called Free will... Agents sure had cool moves... but stilll, they are program... and do what they are told to do, and CANNOT question it... Kill yourself... BAM, killed :P

I am also ANNOYED by the Matrix frenzy... WHY IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE MAKE MATRIX MAPS and SUCH! IT'S DAMN ANNOYING! WAit for the Matrix MMO or something...


A Scary Clown?

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18th June 2004

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#22 17 years ago

Lol, Jedi have the advantage on this, all the jedi would have to do is bombard earth, then cut the cable and BLOOP. Matrix is gone, jedi win. Agents would be pissed but there offline! Now if a jedi were in the matrix, They'd still whip a$$. Hello jedi sence all even there movement. And they could block or even dodge the Desert eagle 50.cal's no problem. Though they can't die the jedi would be fighting them forever, but hey that whats Neo is there for..Deletion of Agent's. So hell yes to being a jedi. Plus..being a program is no fun, no emotion plus...your being bossed around by the architect. And any sign's of disobeying him...BLOOP. You get deleted. Jedi...you just dont get allowed on the Coucil...or banned. So Jedi is the way to go!