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2nd March 2006

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I'll Start off by giving you all a brief overview of the -=XG=-

The eXtreme Gamerz is a community of friends from all around the world that have come together under the common goal of video-gaming and enjoying each others company without the fuss of ranks and diplomacy (DRAMA) we do have a governing body however that makes choices on what games we expand into, in this instance Star Trek Legacy.

We enjoy and very much encourage getting feedback from our members on ways to improve our community as well as our gaming servers for the public. Based upon a democracy we allow members to become elected into positions of leadership after bieng with us for so many months. Currently we have about forty-one members across nearly a dozen games; including but not limited to, Alien vs. Predator 2, Armada 2, Bridge Commander, Freelancer, Anarchy Online, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, Halo, War-Rock, Silk-Road, RYL2 and many other games.

We allow recruits in our community to have a sort of trial period where they are a pre-member, this allows them to try out the community and see if they like it. It also allows us to determine wether or not that recruit will be a good/bad influence on our members and the public.

We as a whole do love to Role-Play on occasion, but mainly game to have fun with friends, because that's what it should all be about; Having fun with your friends.

The community also has dedicated servers in the following games Halo, CoD2, AvP2 server as well as a ranked BF2 Server on the way so if you play those games as well, come game with us..

Feel Free to check us out at, http://www.thexg.net

or you may contact me personally at, [email]suntzu@thexg.net[/email]

Thank you for your time :)