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2nd March 2006

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#1 12 years ago
What is eXtreme Gaming

A community created by gamerz, for gamerz who's sole purpose is to just game. We respect other gamerz, but if you attack one of our own, you'll awaken a sleeping demon.

What is the XG's Mission

To provide our members with the best gaming experience possible by providing such resources as a teamspeak, and hosted gaming servers which can be found under a list on our main website.

What are expected of the members

To be repectful to any and all gamerz that you encounter. If you're willing we also provide members the oppurtunity to help improve the community with monthly donations for the servers, webdesign assistance to improve our interface, or webgraphics design and signature creating for those members who have skill with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, ect..

What Games do we play (In order of popularity)

- Battlefield 2 - Battlefield 2142 - Alien Vs. Predator 2 - City of Heroes/Villians - World of Warcraft - Guild Wars - Silk Road - Rainbow Six Vegas - War Rock - Civilizations IV - Empire Earth 1 & 2 - Star Trek Legacy

Senior Membership

Becoming a senior member in the community is easy, all we ask is that you continually obey the rules, donate to the community (every little cent helps) and stay pretty active. The benefit of becominga senior member is also rewarding. You will be provided with the oppurtunity to improve you're skill at becoming a good leader which will also help you in the real world if your dedicated enough.

How to Join

Joining is hassle free and only requires you to get two programs and register your membership on a website.

1st) Download a program called Xfire, once you have procured it, create an account and add myself to your friends list (suntzu1988)

2nd) Register on the community site, (http://www.thexg.net) post a message on the forums mentioning something about your wanting to join the community

3rd) Download teampseak and I'll get you the address.

Again we welcome all gamerz as long as you are mature and respectful, if not just hit the back button...

Lord Suntzu Founder/Cheif Recruiter eXtreme Gaming