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#1 11 years ago

After going through the web-mail recently, I have noticed a lack of information, be it in the readme file or the e-mail itself. This in turn makes it harder for us to identify the contents of the file and makes us describing the file alot harder.

The better you conform to the following guidelines, the faster your file will be online. Ignore them, and it might end up never being published at all.

First off, as many of you know, we won't accept any files whose contents seem legally questionable. This includes files that embed a hacked executable or include copyrighted materials used without explicit consent/permission. For example, ripped off from an other game/mod. If you do send us any of this, you will be banned from the site.

Sending your file:

All of them should be directed to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Readying Your File:

  1. Create a readme in text-only format (TXT) that provides this information:
  2. A short, but comprehensible, description of your file.
  3. Installation and instructions on how to use it.
  4. (Optional) A legal agreement stating whether or not you agree that your file may be redistributed on CD, DVD etc, resold, modified or "plugged" into a mod without notifying you. If you want to protect your work from unscrupulous persons, you really should include it!
  5. (Optional) Your contact information

Avoid using those characters " and " as they won't be properly displayed in the area that displays it Anti-spam tip: don't print your email address explicitly e.g. instead of prefer name AT isp DOT com Create a few screenshots showcasing it, making sure they are in JPG format, at a maximum resolution of 1024x768. Some files may not require screenshots, in which case, we will compensate for that. Bring together in the same directory file, readme, screenshots and compress them all into one single file. We would prefer that you use the ZIP format for the compressed file, as all platforms have support for it, (RAR is not supported on Macs for instance). Avoid nested directory structures inside it unless absolutely necessary. For example, a mod.Formatting your email:

If your readme is great, this step will be a snap.

  1. The subject should be the name of your creation.
  2. The body should include your nickname (or FN member name if you have registered on the site), email contact as well as the category you deem your file would fit best.

Troubleshooting (FAQ):

If your ISP doesn't allow you to send your file, because it's too big for instance, then try out this site to use. YouSendIt.

These are the two well known file compressing software's. 7-Zip and WinRAR

If you experience trouble sending your file, send an email to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL].