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Hello everyone,

Just here to provide a handy link for you all to visit,

We play a handfull of games and are moving out into more, If you play a game that we don't currently support and you feel you have leadership qualities, then email [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Inform him that you're interested in starting up a game division. He's a good guy and will give anyone a fair chance, after all, Games are meant for fun. Everyone is welcome to join our forums, weather you're thinking of joining, or just poping by for a friendly hello, or scrim with your clan. Information on joining.

Why should you join us? Because we're a group of experienced gamers out there to have nothing but fun and enjoyment in the games we play, and we don't let anyone ruin that for us! Gaming is for fun, we're mature games, and a lot of us are real life friends and we like to get involved in the gaming community, i.e. getting involved in competitions, ladders etc... - And even at that, you don't have to get involved if you don't want to, in our clan, you are yourself, with a brain. we don't boss/order our members around, you are your own person and can think for yourself, you're no drone in GR. - So join today and recieve a free 18" pizza and 4 cans of coke. xD

Right now our main game is BattleField 2 [1.4 patch(latest)], but we also have divisions for Freelancer, KalOnline, Silkroad online, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Legacy, Armada II, and support many others like Day of Defeat, Aliens Vs Predator 2, BattleField 2: Special Forces, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, and we are always looking to expand into other games, so if you have a game that isn't listen above, be sure to let us know and we'll research into the game, and you might even be chosen to become the division leader of that game. - We have a BF2 Ranked server and will be putting up servers asap for games like DoD, Freelancer, Legacy etc... We also use a Teamspeak server for in-game communication, and all new members are entitled to their own email account on our email server, example: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL], we are also looking into creating a team of skilled paint shop, Adobe etc users, so that we can provide signatures for our members, so if you're skilled with using those, or other programs, please get in touch with [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Now, after reading that brief info, and if you're interested in joining, go ahead and post your application just like it explains in the link, A clan member will get in touch with you as soon as possible, thank you. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or simply post in the forums. NOTE: As a unregistered guest, viewers can only view/access 3 areas for guests only, but when you register, more areas become available, and in becoming a member, You gain access to the games chat area for members only.

Best regards, Snapp


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Hello Snapp. :D