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#1 8 years ago


I've interested in kitbashing a ship in Star Trek legacy. I've read all the documentation thats availible about editing the ODF file and messing with the textures of a ship but there is nothing about how to use an existing mesh and changing it.

How can this be done? what software would be needed to do this?

I'd really like to learn how this is done so i can start making my own designs.

Oh, and this model is just for personnal use untill it's completed and i have auth from the original creator. So it wont be realesed till have have there permission.


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#2 8 years ago



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#3 8 years ago

Opening an M3D file (filetype that Legacy uses for its models) isnt possible. We use .nif models or variants from other games with permission from their authors.

Google for milkshape m3D exporters, and use Milkshape to edit and export your files.



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#4 8 years ago

Yes, for legacy modding I would go with milkshape 3d too(less problamatic)and there are more modders around more likely to help you out should you arrise with questions using it. ;)