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#1 9 years ago

ok, I have used filefront for a number of years to get a lot of cool mods and other files. untill recently all of the files have been easy to find. the problem that I've found with the ST legacy filefront is this:STL was sold for PC and Xbox 360. on the STL filefront site, i've had problems with files not specifing what system they are for. not surprizingly the Xbox 360 files dont work for PC's and I would suspect that it the otherway around it is the same. i have had to reinstall my game the first time and i have had problems finding any PC, is there only Xbox 360 files on here? or are there some PC ones? and if they are it would be nice if the files were seperated that way (allthough that would probably take a lot of time), but i think at the least the files could say in the readme that they are for Xbox or the case that there are only Xbox files here it would be nice if that was on the home page. so that people like me wouldn't get totaly confused when the game gets messed up when the files are installed following all directions to the letter.p.s. I didn't know where to put this so i put it in R&R


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#2 9 years ago

You can't (are not allowed to) mod for the XBox360...therefore there are only PC files on Legacy Files.