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#1 11 years ago

Hi there. Tell you, my 1st startrek game I've acquired wayback was SFCommand1, and I was really fascinated w/ the Lyrans, as well as their weapon: ESG "Expanded Sphere Generator"... The good thing w/ ESGs is that beside the fact it's used for an offensive weapon, it also acts as a defensive weapon (as an alternative to your basic shields). Look, if an opponent's warhead would fire on your ship, and then your ESG is active, the warhead would just be vaporized once it touches the ESG field, hence you're protected by a "2nd shield"... How I hope someone could put up the Lyran race and this weapon for STLegacy... so that this ESG can also be used to vaporize incoming torpedoes. ... also, whatabout the Gorn "lizards" race?