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15th February 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Hi. The nEw-GEN.-Team wants to apologize for any misunderstandings happening the last few days. 1. We did NOT use any of UU-Mod's maps, some may look familiar but if you just look at Vulcan, Quo'nos; Andor... those are cannon star-systems and are therefore most likely almost the same. 2. We never used any of UU-Mod's ships. About the Tetryon and the Saber: Not everyone has the UU-Mod or will ever use it. We ported them from ST:BC to Legacy for those people, and yes we got the permission like the original authors of the models posted in the file's comments. 3. IF, and only IF WinnerZero, gdata or NCC1717 used some of tjoz' XML-lines they will sure have to deal with very strict consequences.

I hope these will be anough now, i am tired of fighting and stuff, and our two teams should work beside in peace.


yopyop (PR-Director, Leader)