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#1 13 years ago

Recently, a link has been circulated around the forums using both the PM system and by way of posting in threads. This link claims to lead to a thread on the forums but instead leads to an emulated version of our login screen, designed to steal user account details. Please do not enter your username and password anywhere except the login box at the top of http://forums.filefront.com index page. If any page asking for your details pops up while you're browsing the forums, don't enter your details, check the URL, and report the incident to a super moderator or administrator. If you receive any suspicious PM's which you suspect may be leading to a "phishing" site, please forward the PM to one of our admin team (Dreadnought[DK], Revenge, n0e or Lord Wiener), and add a note detailing your concerns. I have posted this here so no one is fooled by this hoax.