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13th September 2009

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#1 14 years ago

Hello Fellow Gamers As an old Trekkie, I am a Co-Founder of XFS, as well a Former President of the Community...

[SIZE=-2]The [/SIZE]X-Fleet Sentinels The XFS is a gaming community composed of online gamers who share common interests and principles, yet adhere to a higher standard of conduct. Since April 2003, the XFS has been a gaming clan aimed at allowing maximum member involvement and participation in its command structure. XFS continues to be a clan that is operated as a democratic republic in that its members elect their own leaders, yet the members ultimately hold power, and those leaders must answer to those who elected them. Through a Constitution and dedicated members, the XFS has evolved into an entity all its own; an experience entirely unique. We are a unique group of gamers with our own identity, principles and dedication to the highest levels of gaming excellence. Supporting many of the most popular software titles to date. We are a group of gamers, but we are also a family of friends who share interests across continents and around the globe. With members in over six countries, we expanded beyond our humble roots. Our members make our clan. They make this clan unique, fun and enjoyable. Becoming a member is easy and it is free. You have nothing to lose and only friends to gain. Feel The Need for Department Involvement ? Our Community has many departments, welcoming new Members: Engineering Intelligence J.A.G. Justice Public Relations Security T.U.T The Untold Tomorrow I, XFS KC TheDoc ...invite you to Visit www.x-fleet.net

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30th June 2003

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#2 14 years ago

The XFS has had a rich history within the Star Trek series of games. Today, we still play the classic game Star Trek Bridge Commander and we continue to thrive in a wide variety of other games, like America's Army. We've been around for over three years and we're still just as dedicated to our members since the day we were founded. The gamers are the one who make these communities and clans great. So take a look and register with our site. We're a great group of friends and we want to make a great impression within Star Trek Legacy.

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#3 14 years ago

Hi, I'm President Z, I hope you will come by and see us sometime.