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27th March 2004

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#101 16 years ago
TheMiragei tell you the raptor has no gun, ive seen the design layout, and NOT every aircraft has one. but hey, if you don't want to belive me...

Either your very dumb... or your just naive!!! Id say dumb! every fighter biult after the F4-E Phantom has a gun of some sort, most are vulcan cannons!:micro:


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24th March 2004

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#102 16 years ago

Well mirage at first i was on your side but after researching about the raptor this is what i got off weaponry 1.0: Aim-120C2.0: Aim-9

4.0: JDAM5.0: Arrangement [color=black] a fighter such as the F-22 with internal weapons bays should have a compact missile with folding fins. This condition would mean the F-22 could not carry standard missiles. An anticipated problem of internal missiles with folding fins is they may not be capable of withstanding stresses when carried externally on current fighters.[color=black]The M61A2 will be mounted just above the right wing root. To preserve the F-22's stealthy characteristics, an inward opening door will cover the muzzle until the weapon is fired. It is capable of firing 100 rounds per second, carrying 480 rounds in all.[/color]

I hope this convinced you all and close this argument because ehre you have the ultimate proof . And this thread was all about the airforce gen mod which looks pretty impressive!



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4th March 2004

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#103 16 years ago

[color=black]ok an inward opening door would not work cause it whouldnt be able to hold as much or fire efficeint. if it was better then i bet the air force would have done it[/color] dont you think that the m-61a2 should have a frontal door and not pop out i think it should have been some thing like a door kinda close to the cockpit on the ridge. anyway folding fins should be nice but the missiles couldnt just shoot them out couse then half the thing whould be fin operation machines. rediculasly expensive two! any way you could have the find dug half way into the missile and have a simple pop out mechanism to send them all the way out. it could also lead to better munuverability. the Raptor is already deadly though! LOL it could be something like SMALRAAM (super munuverable advanced long range air to air missile.) it could have compressed rader that is elongaded. with a warhead that has a center presure with shrpnel ecteirior. then with an engine that is fuel efficeint and has good criuse and the missiles fuel is kinda a lot not a ton but enough for a long cruise and computer feed back to air craft which it was shot from for constant feed back. and the aircraft can take control of the missile or give it a new target and the missile can act like radar source. so maybe the F/A-22 Raptor could hold 8 missiles in main door and on the secondary doors 2 all together. grand total of 10 missiles that can turn sharp fly far act as a radar beacon get taken control of and has extending fins for better munuvaribility. also with a force shrapnel warhead explosion. aireo dynamic to. I can draw a picture of what it should look like and i can drw blue prints for you if youd like. SMALRAAM for F/A-22 Raptor maybe they should make it only applicable for Raptors so other contries dont steal em cause they wont work on there planes. and all of the planes have theyr own codes they should have for arming different kindes of missiles and maybe they dont send anything to enemy aircraft such as migs or SU's only to us aircraft but it cant get fired from them only from Raptor cause nobody could afford them probly but us and missiles would be expensive. maybe the military should have theyr own factories and stuff to recuce cost anyway thanx SWEEA by F/A-22 Raptor 01 ZJ


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15th January 2004

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#104 16 years ago
DieterWeberXeno bullets can be........... with electro magnetic energy it can send the bullets in different directions.

sure that could work, if you didnt mind f****** up your avionics and sending your own plane to the ground anyways.