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#1 14 years ago

ok, im ready to begin my mod and i need an experienced team to help me out. im looking for, ini editors modelers skinners AI scripters and all the rest. here is the basic idea of the mod: USA Units Virginia Class missile sub Missile Frigate minesweeper destroyer mammoth tank blue racer ground support aircraft spectre (now buildable at bomber station) sea king helicopter (anti-sub and anit-ship) Upgrades Small Diameter Bombs White Phospherous (alexis) Photonic Masts China Units type-91 imperial medium tank mine layer UFV (Urban Fighting Vehicle) Dragon Trooper Hellfire Cruiser support cruiser minesweeper SU-119 (sub-hunting fighter) Upgrades Automatics ( gives redguard automatic weapons) GLA Units SCUD ship PT boat (clears mines and can attack subs and ships) Sand Scorpion tank MAT gun then there are new structures and other changes as well. contact me through private message or a reply to this thread for now. please help me out!