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10th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

well i have been WAAAY to busy for this mod for the past couple of weeks and i apologize for my appsense both on these forums and for people trying to reach me on msn, next weekend if al lgoes well ill have a bit of time to help out but plz expect me to not be around much cus im pretty damn busy. I not quitting though (hurray) and i will try to work on the mod when i get a chance.

now i guess what i got is contageous cus it doesnt look like i missed much, NO ONES POSTING?!?! cmon people we need to bring life back into this mod, start posting anything, i dont care what it is! JUST GET SOME LIFE BACK IN HERE!!!!

anyway if anyof u find u dont have time for mod any more then fuck u, cus u dont know how busy i am and i still sticking with it, so that no excuse, now people start posting!

i out