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6th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hi, 'Yall its ludoriuos. i've got this idea for a mod for genrals called CNC Genrals: Westward Expansion. Anyway I need your help.

- Skinners. - Moddlers. - Mappers. - Modder. - Graphic Artists/Digital Photographers. - Voice talents.

I despratley need help!

Heres the story line: After launching their nuke the GLA proceeds westward to claim their new land but uknown to them they didn't hit the USA! They have to pss through Europe first though. When the Europeans see the GLA they call for the USA. Unfortunetly, the USA dosen't send over a large enough force and it is decimated including Col. Burton. the GLA then bases themselves in Mexico. enraged at the GLA's destruction the UK sends over their best field agent: Col. Morgan (played by Killakanz). Mean while China tries to take advantage of this and thinks they will sweep in from the south.

Heres a list of what the sides will get:


Hover tank. an ampibious tank. A/U: Move Over Water: 1,allows the tank tank move on water.

Mech. A walking humanoid robot. A/U: Anthrax Immunity: passive.

Bio Soldier. A soldier in a biosuit. A/U: Anthrax/Nuclear Immunity: passive. Collect: Collects anthrax for later use.

Drone swarm. A swarm of drones without a master. Abbilites/Upgades: Advanced Programming: 1 - 10, Adds 1 drone to the swarm.

Hovercraft. All garrisoned units heal and can shoot. A/U: Move On Water: 1 Allows movement on water

Col. Morgan. the English Sucsessor of Col. burton. A/U: Motolov ****tail: 1, Switches to motolov ****talis. Commander Vehicle: 2, enters a vehicle like a pilot. but is then bought again. Follow My lead: 3, Shares his camoflage abbillity with all friendly units. Camoflage: Passive.

Ranger. dont worry your beloved ranger will still be ther. A/U Sand Bag Wall: 4 build a garrisonable wall. Clear Mines: Same as dozer's.

Battleship. Your classic battle ship. A/U: Bombard: 1 Emptys all ammo on a concentrated spot. SAM Upgrade: 2 Gives SAM sites on Deck.

Aircraft carrier. A naval verson of the air base A/U Stategy Center's Strategys: can activate any of the stategy center's stategys. Superweapons: can activate a superweapon command center can. Airbase Upgrades can use any upgrade the airbase can.

Costal Fortress. Th USA Naval building. A/U Big Guns: 1, Allows Costal fortress to fire at naval units. Aircraft Carrier: 2, biuld an Aircraft Carrier. Battle Ship: 1, Build a battle ship.

Seal. A naval Infantry. A/U:C4: 1, Places C4 on target. Camoflage:passive.


Mine Layer. Lays mines. A/U: Lay Mines: 1, Lays Mines. Clear mines: 2, clears mines.

Motor Cycle. A super-fast scout unit. A/U: Set Camera: 1, sets up a camera.

Dragon Chopper. A Chinese helicopter. A/U: Naypalm spray: 1, Sprays napalm. Stealth: 2, Activeates camoflage. Extraction: Picks up target infantry unit and instantly returns to where the command was given.

Samurai. A unit highly traind in the martial arts. A/U: Sneak Up: 1 stealths. Switch to Shuriken: 2, Activates range attack. Meditate: Gives 45 Percent attack and defense.

Submarine Bay. The Chinese Naval building. A/U: Nuclear Sub. Builds a nuclear sub.

Nuclear Sub. A Nuclear Sub. A/U: Lay mines: 1, Lays mines. Dive/Surface: Stealtsh/ Unstealths.

Raft. A small raft. A/U: Sneak in: 1, enter enemy naval building eject held units then desorys building,

Propoganda center. The same old propaganda center. A/U: Grenades: 1, gives grenades to motrcycle. Bayonet: 1, gives bayonet to Red Gaurd.


Bandit. A theif like unit. A/U: Steal: 1, Enters a building and sells it; profits go to bandit's owner. Costume: 2, turns into target infantry unit.

Airbase. The GLA air building. A/U: Crop Sprayer: 1, builds a crop sprayer. Radar: 2, enables the minimap.

Crop Spayer. Attacks with anthrax. A/U: Kamikaze: 1, Ejects a pilot then crashes into target.

Dock. The GLA naval building. A/U Ferry: 1, build a ferry. Fishing boat. 2, build a fishing boat.

Ferry. Gla transport unit. A/U: none

Fishing Boat. A small boat. A/U: detonate: 1, same as terrorist.

Forklift. sets traps for GLA. A/U: Lay Trap: 1. Sets a demo trap.

Demo Trap. Same old demo trap. A/U: Antharx/Demolishon: 1, swithes to demo/anthrax charge.

Remember Y'all< this is your chance to go down as one of the genrals greats! Thats it! Post you'r comments/suggestions here and if you want to help also post it here or e-mail [color=blue][][/EMAIL][/color].


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29th March 2003

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#2 17 years ago

creating that mech unit is going to be hell. Good luck on this mod, it sounds like it will be cool if you manage to pull it off.


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9th April 2003

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#3 17 years ago

I guess it would be much easier if the mech wasn't walking.. Just legs on wheels, kinda like rollerblades :D and woohoohoo ive heard that the ships are practically invincible..aint that gonna be unfair to others?


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6th April 2003

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#4 17 years ago

About the mech: its just a metal infantry unit.

and the first alpha is gonna be out soon but as i don't have any staff i guess ill just release it publicly. but i would love some help...

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10th April 2003

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#5 17 years ago

you want a motorcycle eh? well it your lucky day! i happen to be working on a Chinese Motorcycle right now! wow what a concidence!!!

anyway this is my first model ever so dont expect it to be perfect although so far it looking damn good, it no where near done and i not promising anything but if/ when i finish it you can have it...

+ i dont know how to skin or import it into game or animate it but i'm willing to learn or let someone else do it. if you want the model ill keep you posted